Writing Skills

When did it all start?
Around 12 years old with stories I kept to myself. I’ve always been that kid in class who would look outside the window and imagine all sorts of adventures before the teacher would ask me to focus on the lesson. Then I left stories for bad poems. Really bad! But it felt good. I came back to stories around 19 before actually entering a writing school in Brussels who would teach me journalism and screenwriting. I also had the opportunity to learn about writing plays.

Then what?
Then I worked as a receptionist and a secretary in a great law firm but it just wasn’t the right place for me. Before actually admitting it, I had (and still have) the pleasure to be a critic for the Suricate Magazine, mostly in the Play and Movie section. I also started translating and writing articles for My-Brussels.

What about today?
Today, I’m looking for a new opportunity in Brussels or abroad. I’m really looking for a new challenge. And if I’m being a little picky about the perfect job position, I’m just really eager to start something new. Being abroad would enable me to use some of my skills such as adaptability, flexibility or patience.

My LinkedIn profile is up-to-date so if you’re looking to hire someone creative and dynamic, feel free to stop-by!

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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