Sometimes in life, you meet someone and it just clicks. That’s what happened when I met Priscilla. I refer to her by « my editor-in-chief ». Also as my friend.
We met in September 2015 and she had a huge job for me: translating every single article (290!) she had on her website. From French to English. What a challenge! It took me months as I were working and writings critics.

She basically trusted me with it. Also, she knew I already had translation experiences. Articles to resumes. Biographies to screenplays. Press releases to small magazines.
From French to English or English to French, I must say I have fun doing it! It rarely bores me as it is always something new to me.

A few months after, my editor in chief (soon to be my good friend) put me in charge of the English section of the website. Not only am I translating but I’m also writing articles in different fields linked to Brussels.

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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