Since 2015, I have been writing critics for the Suricate Magazine about movies and plays.

Having to write over 300 words is a perfect exercice to enable yourself to be precise, clear and to synthesize your ideas. Being a critic is a perfect combination between art – in a general way – and writing as I’m passionate about both. As you have to know what you are talking about, it is important to make some research (on the director, the actors/comedians, casting, previous movies…). And this is when you learn most of it.

Being a critic made me understand that my love for words went beyond creative writing. Seeing those words running along a blank page, making sense of something I’ve seen, turning my thoughts into something concrete, is a beautiful adventure. This helped me develop my critical thinking skills and allowed me to push the door wide open to an other world: Art. And when it is possible for me, I try to have around four articles a month. That is about one movie or play per week. Otherwise, I reduce to one every two weeks. .

This is one of my favorite activities. You get to see amazing plays everywhere in Brussels and movies before the premieres. It is also an opportunity to meet artists and conduct interviews with movie directors.

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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