Creative Writing

One of my favorite writings is all about creative writing. I’ve been crazy about this since I was 12. But it was faaaar from good.

Since then, my writing has improved and changed. I’m currently finishing my first long screenplay. I also have finished my first play and have started writing my second one. Regarding my novel, it still needs some mending. Plus, don’t we all know how difficult is it for a writer to hand over the work accomplished for months, sometimes years? Until then, I must say I am enjoying writing articles in different fields such as Management, Marketing, Arts and Lifestyle. I’m currently looking for the right publishing house in order to send my children’s tale.

In other words, I still have plenty of work to do to fulfill my projects and start the next ones. It never stops. So if you are interested in having a biography or a customized story written for you or your loved-ones, let me know.


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