A few years ago, I’ve had the chance to attend journalistic courses. It took me time to come back to writing articles but since 2015, I have been enjoying myself in this field.

On this blog, you might find old articles I had fun writing. More for myself and friends really. The pleasure I took from writing those made me realize I needed a challenge in that field.

Consequently, this is when I met P.D from My-Brussels who contacted me after applying for a job position in the company she was working for at the time. We ended-up talking about her vision of the website and what I could bring to it. I started translating every single article before I actually wrote one single line myself. After a few months, I was able to write a few articles a month about trendy places in Brussels.

As a result, this position gave me confidence as my employer trusted me and gave me a chance to prove my worth. She then gave me more responsibilities such as managing the English part of the website. Today, the latter in on stand-by until further notice. But it had really been a pleasure to write/translate/edit those articles and to have learned so much. Especially with wordpress and AdWords.

Last year, I’ve had the opportunity and pleasure to write articles about managing and marketing for Start in Brussels. The experience was especially relevant in my professional life as it contributed to expand my knowledge and confidence. I was able to prove myself I was capable of anything: even writing about unknown subjects after research and fact checking.

What seemed so complicated was suddenly so easy. It taught me to be thorough and to push back my limits. Getting out of my comfort zone is really important to me as it enables me to realize what I’m capable of.

I do believe I have a lot to learn but don’t we all? Being a fast learner brings me to step up my game and show how efficient I can be. You can find out more about my profile through LinkedIn.

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