Miami Museum Parking Garage is opening soon. After two years of hard work, the Miami Design District emphasizes its singularity through this car park with a structured-unstructured appearance. When exuberance rhymes with extravagance…

If Miami could be described in one word, “rebellious” would be a perfect fit. Never has an American city attracted this much attention. Such as a model, without a false move, the Design District keeps evolving, showing more and more confidence throughout the years. This neighbourhood was elaborated by entrepreneur Craig Robins and focuses on luxury, art and design. Many architects – such as Iwatmoto Scott, Studio Gang, Leong and Leong, and SB Architects and OAB (Office of Architecture Barcelona) – have been working on the project, transforming and allowing this part of the city to evolve constantly.

The Museum Parking Garage fits perfectly in Miami. Its particularity remains in the fact it combines utility with art. The colors blend in the sunny city, the frame of the parking reflects a certain solidity and innovative layout exhibiting a futuristic spirit. All this contributes to the harmony of the building, developing further on the Magic City’s crazy design. Dynamic, eclectic, extravagant, this car park represents all the eccentricity of Miami.

Through different materials and compositions, a team of six architects – WORKac, Juergen Mayer, Nicolas Buffe, Manuel Clavel Rojo, and Keenan / Rileyont have rolled up their sleeves and, together, brought this project to life. The contemporary aesthetics of the Museum Parking Garage reflects its futuristic vibes, warning us Miami might never cease to thrive…

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