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A’s business continues to flourish as the latter will be playing a key role in J’ supply chain. A one-year contract has been signed with the South Korean company to export the latter’s goods through air freight on different lanes. As from now on, A will be in charge of all the multinational’s transportations in fields such as Home Entertainment, Mobile Communications, Home Appliance and Air Solution thanks to its crucial network and its ease to provide important market information.


Based on its know-how and ability to think ahead, J has entrusted A for the transfer of its electronic goods. Thanks to the Marketing and Sales team’s hard work, A can now carry out its new role with a one-year contract which unites it with the South Korean multinational company.


According to Mr Z, Sales Manager in X Technology, A was awarded to take care of the famous brand’s electronics goods’ supply chain for the next year. Winning the business from several great opponents based on its ability to make fast and conclusive decisions brought great pride to A who will be working alongside with Mr N, the Country Head of Marketing and Sales, and tremendous team members. With solid experience and a proven ability to undertake new assignments, the company enjoys a wide recognition for its global network and excellent service.


Against great opponents, A was successful in gaining lanes from Korea to Thailand, Singapore and the Middle East and is proud to be in charge of J’ business units. The export will be conducted by air freight and includes annual 300 tons for Thailand, 100 tons for Singapore and 120 tons for Middle East and Adjoining Countries.

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