Surprise beneath my dress

Ah, Valentine’s day… whether we like it or not, I sometimes find it difficult to resist to. That being said, we don’t actually do anything that day. But Darling surprised me while coming back from the bakery with flowers. Flowers from the b akery? “No, I made a detour and went to the florist”. Huh, logic.
But why? « To surprise you ». To surprise me ? « Well yeah. We never do anything for Valentine’s day ». No kidding… « We could even eat out. For a change». Really ? If he continues to surprise me, I might need to find a way to surprise him in return.

clothes 7So… I had an idea. Some knew some women who had already tried it. Whether they liked it or not, they all said I should try at least once in my life. And in order to not die an idiot, why not? And what if I surprised Darling with this tonight? My first night out without my panties!

Yep, you read it right! When I got out of the shower, put on my deodorant, my bra, my stockings, my shoes and… that’s it! Oh, and my dress of course. I have limits… I then have a crazy feeling of freedom! Although, I’m not going to lie, the sensation is weird when I leave our flat. As if I had forgotten something. « No kidding… ». And I don’t get me started with the thermal shock once we got outside. Well, let’s say my dear “friend” down there wasn’t expecting that!

There we are, walking toward the restaurant without Darling suspecting anything. I’m smiling so hard. My surprise is going to be clothes 2great. But on the way, I start to over think it. What if there was a wind blow? What if, when I get up of my chair in the restaurant, my dress made a weird movement which would allow the customers to see my “moon”? What if people knew just by the look on my face? What if… ? What if everything just went well ?

We haven’t finished our starter that I already grab my phone and text Darling, sitting just across the table. I can’t wait! I’m dying to share my little secret with him. His phone vibrates. He looks at me, eyes frowned: « Did you just text me ? » I laugh discreetly. A shy and cheeky « I’m naked beneath my dress », pops up on his phone. He smiles. Half shy, half aroused…

We barely had time to savor the delicious chocolate dessert we order before running home to know all about his opinion on the subject…

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !