The myth…

Standing in front of my wardrobe, I’m staring at my clothes piece by piece, looking for the one I’m going to sacrifice tonight at Naëlle’s birthday party. Sacrifice is a big word but as I’m going to be dancing (and therefor sweat), drink (and therefor spill), and smoke (and therefor stink), I don’t see which other word I could use to point out their unavoidable fate to go in the dirty laundry basket when coming back home at 2:00 AM.

Darling looks at me: “Why are you taking so much time to choose? Can’t you just grab something and put it on?“. My poor honey doesn’t understand it all… I then start my very long explanation: First, I have to choose the style. Casual Chic, rhapsody or beach style (but will always avoid the latter for any party going on in a fancy bar). Then, I have to think aboutclothes
the best way to regulate my body’s temperature. Darling frowns: I’m sure we would understand me better if I spoke Chinese. If I dance, I’m going to get too hot so I’ll be needing light clothes. But if I’m too tired to dance, I’ll be needing some comfortable clothes in order to avoid pinching Darling’s jacket as usual in case it gets too chilly… And the fact that I’ll dance or not will only depend on the energy I absorb while eating. So much to think about.

.4After that, according to the clothes I choose, I have to think about my underwear:  We all need to feel comfortable but if I wear some trousers or some tight dress, I will choose a thong, for a strapless dress, I’ll need a removable straps bra (which I can find easily and at fair price at Wonderbra’s ou Rougegorge’s). When Darling believes I’m finished with my long spiel, I continue with the last but not the least topic: my shoes! If I dance, then I’ll need some flats or some 5 cm hills (or plenty of Compeeds). If I sit all night, I might as well wear some 9 or 12 cm. In this case, I’ll have to anticipate: we might walk or take transportation if we change bar during the evening… it’s basically like rolling a dice.

Darling looks at me as if I were crazy. I gaze at him and envy him: with his jean/t-shirt/trainers style, it’s obvious he’ll be more comfortable than me. But he will look like every other dude at the party… The problem with women, is that we want (need) to stand out. To look different compared to the other girls. Show everyone how free we are if we’re single and how lucky our partner is to have such a catch if we’re in a relationship. Narcissism…

And there is also the fact we’ve spent so much money at the last sales that we just want to show to the rest of the world what good deals we made.
Unfortunately for Darling and a part of the population, the fact it takes over an hour for women to dress up is not a myth… It’s VERY real. I don’t get me started with the weather… 😉

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !