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Writing Skills

When did it all start? Around 12 with stories I kept to myself. I’ve always been that kid in class who would look outside the window and imagine all sorts of adventures before the teacher[…]


Since 2015, I have been writing critics for the Suricate Magazine in the movie and theater field. Having to write over 300 words is a perfect exercice to enable yourself to be precise, clear and[…]


Sometimes in life, you meet someone and it just clicks. That’s what happened when I met Priscilla. I refer to her by « my editor-in-chief ». Also as my friend. We met in September 2015 and she[…]


Have I told you how much I enjoyed writing articles? I find it really exciting to create something. I have been writing articles for a few years now. Mostly « everyday » type of articles. Then I[…]

Creative Writing

One of my favorite writings is all about creative writing. I’ve been crazy about this since I was 12. But it was faaaar from good. Since then, my writing has improved and changed. I’m currently[…]

About me

I was born in Rome, Italy in 1989. My father was English. My mother is French. I arrived in France at the age of 5. Disoriented. My first memories were left behind in England where[…]

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